La Crosse political parties plan for last few days before election

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — Both local political parties making final push to recruit voters to choose their candidates on election day.

The day is getting closer, and chairmen of both local parties feel the excitement in the air.

“I’m optimistic,” said La Crosse County Democratic Party Chair Michael Smuksta

“I’m excited,” said La Crosse County Republican Party Chair Bill Feehan.

With Election Day approaching, both sides see it as crunch time to encourage people to vote for their candidates.

“We know whose taken out a ballot. We know who hasn’t returned their ballot. And right now they’re focusing on individuals who have not returned the ballot,” said Smuksta.

They say it’s important to reach voters at this time.

“Last weekend we had over 40 young Republicans come from all over the United States and they went out and knocked doors last weekend,” said Feehan.

Feehan says they knocked on over 8,000 doors.

The La Crosse Democratic party has a different approach.

“La Crosse organizers, they’ve all worked basically virtually,” said Smuksta.

They’ve been instructed by their State Democratic leadership to reach voters in other formats.

“They have a group of volunteers and basically they’ve been doing phone calls,” said Smuksta.

Both sides say this weekend will make all the difference.

“Our goal this weekend, is to have 75 people out knocking doors and we’re calling through all the people who have volunteered asking them to come out and just give one more day of their time,” said Feehan.

“We’re looking for some volunteers to get some placards out by street corners, that kind of thing,” said Smuksta.

Both parties are still looking for volunteers to help spread the word.