La Crosse Police undergo three investigations per protocol following shooting

When an incident like this happens, a department is experiencing multiple things,” explained Captain Jason Melby of the La Crosse Police Department.

An unnamed officer shot Allen Kruk Saturday afternoon while responding to a domestic dispute call. The officer was also shot, but treated and released.

Now the La Crosse Police department is seeing several investigations, as a part of its protocol.

The first investigation is being done by the department of justice.

“Law enforcement officers are afforded the right to use their sidearm or take a life as a part of their duties. That investigation will determine if the officer operated within the limitations that are afforded to them,” added Cpt. Melby.

The Department of Justice will conduct interviews and view evidence to see if the officer acted lawfully.

“They’ll do everything that we would do with a regular criminal investigation.”

The department will wait before they talk to the officer “to allow the officer one or two sleep cycles after the incident, because it allows them to have a better recollection of the incident,” added Melby.

But there are more investigations needed to be done.

“We were investigating a domestic disturbance call. We still have to continue through that investigation to determine if there’s criminality involved with that.”

The La Crosse Police Department will also investigate if the officer who fired their side arm did so within their rules.

“We have three separate investigations that are going on as a part of this one incident,” explained Melby.

And as the investigations continues, the police department will release more information when the Department of Justice sees fit.

“We rely on them to do things on their timetable and work with them to ensure that information come out when they deem it’s appropriate.”