La Crosse police review use of force during incident at Walgreens

Incident occured at Rose Street Walgreens on Nov. 20, 2014

The La Crosse Police Department’s Use of Force Review Team concluded that the use of force during an incident involving a naked man with a knife at the Rose Street Walgreens on November 20 as “text book.”

A La Crosse police officer fired a less lethal alternative, a “supersock” beanbag round, into 26-year-old Stephen A. Meeks’ abdomen when he was about 26 feet away from the officers. Police said this caused the suspect to stop advancing and retreated from the officers. Police arrested Meeks after a two-and-a-half-hour standoff with no injuries to anyone other than minor injuries to the suspect.

The Police Department released redacted portions of its Review on Wednesday. The Use of Force Review is required by Department policy following the use of less lethal or lethal weapons. The Review team found no policy violations occurred and the less lethal force was within the Department’s, as well as the State of Wisconsin’s use of force options.

Three officers were recommended by the Review team to receive commendations for saving the man’s life.

Click here to read the entire Use of Force Review.