La Crosse police officers meet with community members over coffee

Second year of ‘Coffee with a Cop'

Local officers and the community came together Wednesday morning over a cup of coffee.

La Crosse’s Neighborhood Resource Officers hosted citizens for a ‘Coffee with a Cop’ day. The event gave officers a chance to meet and interact with community members in a casual setting.

Citizens were able to talk to the officers about their concerns and issues they may be dealing with in our community.

“This is a perfect way for the community to step out, meet with our officers, discuss issues that are important to them and at the same time give our officers a better opportunity to understand and truly know what is affecting the community,” said La Crosse Police Department Sergeant Tom Walsh.

The ‘Coffee with a Cop’ events were hosted at La Crosse’s two Cabin Coffee locations and the Uptowne Cafe and Bakery. This is the second year la Crosse officers have hosted the event.