La Crosse Police offer home security reminders for holiday season

Even though most of your gifts are probably bought by now, thieves are still looking for opportunity this time of year.

Porch pirates continue to be a concern and will be even after the holiday season.

Any gifts should be delivered to a secure location like your job if possible.

Be sure to have your mail held by the Postal Service.

A full mailbox can be a sign that the homeowner is away.

And if you have big gifts, be careful how you dispose of the packaging.

A box in the trash from expensive items like TVs or computers can make your home an easy target for thieves.

“Some local businesses may be willing to assist, if not just break it down really well, get it into your own recycling bin and don’t advertise that you have received or have these nice new electronic devices,” said La Crosse Police Sergeant Tom Walsh.

If you are traveling, have a neighbor or friend check on your home.

Lights set on a timer or motion activated lights are also a good idea.

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