La Crosse police enforce pedestrian safety

Colleges start again soon, police force want pedestrians and drivers to be cautious

The La Crosse Police Department is stepping up enforcement on city streets.

Extra officers are out at busy intersections all over the city working to keep pedestrians and cyclists safe.

With so many college students coming back for the school year police want drivers and pedestrians to be extra cautious while out on the road.

“Pedestrians need to be aware of the cars to make sure they’re not stepping out in front of the cars. You do need to even if you are going into a cross walk you do need to make sure you’re giving the vehicle enough time to stop and yield to you and then cars need to definitely need to watch out for the pedestrians,” said La Crosse Police Department Officer Lisa Barrix.

Officers will be out again Friday through Saturday and again Monday at West Avenue near Pine and Vine Streets.