La Crosse Police Department increasing patrols for Oktoberfest weekend

Additional officers in downtown, campus areas

You may notice additional patrols in La Crosse for the Oktoberfest weekend.

The La Crosse Police Department has been preparing for the city’s sudden population explosion for months.

Additional patrols will walk through the downtown and campus communities again this year.

Most of all, La Crosse officers are stressing the importance of *not* driving drunk during the festivities.

“There’s all kinds of shuttles, safe ride bus, cab services, Lyft, Uber, designated drivers, there’s so many different options there’s no reason for us to be arresting anybody for drunk driving on Oktoberfest weekend,” said La Crosse Police Department Captain Jason Melby.

The La Crosse Police Department recommends you stay with friends and have a plan in place in case you get separated. Of course, officers also say many of these problems can be avoided if you drink responsibly.