La Crosse Police cancel alternate side parking for second night

Will consider cancelations in the future

The below average temperatures are impacting many in La Crosse.

To help keep people in the city safe, the La Crosse Police Department decided to cancel its alternate side parking policy Wednesday night. On Thursday night, the department again notified the public on its Facebook page that officers wouldn’t be out issuing parking tickets.

The Department says they will consider canceling the policy on dangerously cold nights in the future, but it will be decided from night to night.

“Obviously, if we would have had a lot of snow and the plows needed to get out and get through and deal with this we probably wouldn’t have canceled it. It’s all going to be dependent on a bunch of different variables. The temperatures themselves sometimes may not be the issue. It may be the wind,” said La Cross Police Department Captain Jason Melby.

Melby says the decision to cancel enforcement on any given night is made by that evening’s shift commander.