La Crosse PD civilian aides to patrol parking ramps

Security change begins this January

Security for La Crosse’s downtown parking ramps will be handled by the city’s police department starting next week.

The police department will have civilian aides replace the private security the city hired in February. The part-time civilian aides will work in the ramps overnight, using the department’s vehicles and radios.

With the change in security, officers and dispatch will be able to receive information at the same time.

La Crosse city officials say the new security group will be able to accomplish more as well.

“They will also have access to be able to fix stuff like ticket jams, anything along those lines. So we’re more efficient at getting that done quicker, so if it’s something they can do, they don’t have to wait for the crew to come in the morning to do,” said La Crosse Parking Utility Coordinator Jim Flottmeyer.

La Crosse officials say the change will save the city at least $1,000 a month.