La Crosse Parks Board votes to allow La Crosse Center project to use park space

The renovated La Crosse Center will be able to touch down onto Riverside Park.

La Crosse’s Parks Board voted to allow the new La Crosse Center design to use some park space. Many of the designs have a raised section of the Center going over Front Street and touching down into Riverside Park.

The Board amended the decision though, requiring that the final design come back to the Parks Board for another vote.

The La Crosse Center board says this is a big step towards completing the renovation project within the next few years.

“Up to now, it’s been concepts, it’s been discussion of various plans that aren’t really the design. So this is the okay to get a design,” said La Crosse Center Board President Brent Smith.

The La Crosse Center renovation project now moves on to the city’s Common Council for a vote to move forward.