La Crosse parking ramps to change gates to new system

New system would scan license plates

Changes could yet again be coming to La Crosse’s downtown parking ramps.

City officials are proposing to replace the current ramp gate system with license plate readers.

The ‘License Plate Registration’ system would automatically scan a driver’s license plates to be used as a temporary parking permit. A pay station would require you to enter your plate number and say how long you plan on parking in the ramps.

City officials say the new technology would make it easier to monitor anyone using the parking ramps.

“It’s an advancement in technology that makes you more efficient. So, hopefully we’ll cover more ground in the same amount of time,” said La Crosse Parking Utility Coordinator Jim Flottmeyer.

City officials are not yet sure when the change over to the ‘License Plate Registration’ system would take place.