La Crosse officials get a look at new radio system

New system should add reliability for all emergency services

La Crosse city officials will get a firsthand look at their brand new radio system.

A group will be heading to a Motorola warehouse to see the system as it’s tested.

The current radio system used by emergency officials and street crews is more than 20 years old and has been surviving on replacement parts.

The new eight and a half million dollars public safety radio system is eating up a chunk of the city’s capital improvement budget. The new system, along with new radio towers, should add reliability for all emergency services.

“There will be a tower constructed up in the bluffs off of county road B and there will be a tower co located on the southside of La Crosse, not too far from the Shrine,” said La Crosse Director of Public Works Dale Hexom.

Pieces of the new system will start arriving this month with the entire project up and running next spring.