La Crosse Neighbors Day brings out hundreds of volunteers to help neighbors in need

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – It was a big volunteer day for people in La Crosse, with hundreds showing up to help out neighbors.

During this year’s Neighbors Day, people helped elderly and disabled neighbors by doing yard work and washing windows.

Roughly 200 neighbors were helped by 500 volunteers, a number that keeps growing.

“It’s a variety of all kinds of people, we get businesses and organizations, we get church groups that get their congregation together, Bethany Lutheran [sic] had actually signed up 100 volunteers this year,” said Melanie Straate, the development manager for Habitat for Humanity of La Crosse.

Bethany Free Church brought more than 100 volunteers to help.

Many families also joined in.

Habitat for Humanity hopes to continue bringing Neighbors Day to La Crosse every spring.