La Crosse mural almost ready for debut

Mural to be unveiled June 13

A large mural is almost ready to be unveiled in downtown La Crosse.

Lake Tahoe artist John Pugh and five area understudies have been working on the mural since October. The city hired them last year to create a piece of art that depicts La Crosse’s culture. The group started working on the mural in California and now is putting the final touches on it here in La Crosse.

Pugh, the main artist on the project says it’s the La Crosse community that makes this mural different from others he’s worked on in the past.

“A lot of murals in different regions I’ve got a chance to get a sense of place, but here more than any other place I’ve heard from many voices and many perspectives about heritage and what makes La Crosse special,” said Pugh.

The mural will go on the side of the Pump House Regional Arts Center in downtown La Crosse. It is expected to be unveiled June 13.