La Crosse mayoral candidates working around the clock in your neighborhood hoping to gain support

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Voters will head out to the polls to decide La Crosse’s next mayor April 6.

Both candidates are working around the clock trying to earn your support.

Block-by-block, door-to-door, Vicki Markussen and Mitch Reynolds are walking the extra mile in your neighborhood hoping to gain your vote.

“I find it very invigorating,” Markussen said. “To me, this is the pulse of the people.”

“It’s a little challenging because it’s not face-to-face,” Reynolds said. “It’s like 15 feet away. But that’s the world we live in right now, and that’s fine.”

But even during COVID, there’s greater opportunity going door-to-door.

“The benefit of the pandemic is that there are a lot more people that are at home than there were previously,” Markussen said.

Perhaps that’s why Markussen has been able to visit, according to her, 2,200 people.

“Don’t go when it’s too cold, or you can’t even really talk to people,” Markussen said.

Reynolds has lost track of the number of people he’s met.

“If we have an hour here and there, I like to get out just to make sure I’m reaching all the neighborhoods around the city,” Reynolds said.

Both candidates won’t get votes from everybody, and they know that, but they like to hear feedback from La Crosse residents.

“They want to know who they’re voting for,” Reynolds said.

And by giving them your vote in return, that’s all they ask for.

“It’s wonderful to hear their support for our campaign,” Reynolds said.

“People that do say they’re going to vote for me, it’s an opportunity to look them in the eye and to thank them for their support,” Markussen said. “And to me, that means the world.”

Both candidates are also very active on social media.

We have the links to both of their Facebook pages below.

Vicki Markussen for mayor Facebook page.

Mitch Reynolds for mayor Facebook page.