La Crosse Mayor wants City Council to vote on whether to allow year-round residents at boat harbor

Proposed changes to La Crosse’s Municipal Boat Harbor would officially allow residents to live there long-term.

La Crosse’s Mayor wants the City Council to vote on whether to allow long-term residents to stay at the harbor year-round. Mayor Tim Kabat says city officials have not been able to confirm if people live at the harbor year-round, which is why it has not yet been officially allowed.

Kabat hopes the change prevents any legal issues while improving services to those living at the harbor.

“We’ve heard from the voting public that having the live-aboards, and for folks to be able to stay at the harbor year-round, is very important. So that’s something that the Council will hopefully be addressing on Thursday,” said Kabat.

The city is also now accepting bids for the re-construction of the harbor and docks. The harbor was closed in December to rebuild and update the docks.

Mayor Kabat says the city plans to open the harbor by May 1st, for the beginning of the fishing season.