La Crosse Mayor Kabat returns from sister city visit to China

Kabat: Visit helps build relationships

La Crosse’s Mayor recently headed to China on a mission of friendship.

Mayor Tim Kabat visited one of La Crosse’s seven sister cities, Luoyang, China. Kabat and a small delegation from La Crosse visited Luoyang for the 20th anniversary of their sister city relationship.

During the visit, Kabat met with Luoyang’s equivalent of a Chamber of Commerce to discuss international business potential.

In a time of political struggles, Mayor Kabat says peace is best kept through connections between smaller groups.

“The strong benefit is the fact that it’s regular citizens that have a great impact on the diplomacy and relationships, and world peace, without sounding like it’s too big here,” said Mayor Kabat.

Other stops during the trip included Luoyang’s cultural sites and public services.