La Crosse march shows support for universal health care

La Crosse Indivisible hosts March for Health

Universal health care was the focus of a march in La Crosse Saturday.

Indivisible La Crosse hosted the nonpartisan March for Health that started in Cameron Park.

Area medical experts and politicians spoke about what changes need to happen to enact universal health care in the U.S.

La Crosse Indivisible’s founder Megan Grinde said it’s important to change the thinking that universal health care is too complicated or expensive

“Our goal here today is to really advertise there are a lot of people from all political stripes that really support universal healthcare,” she said. “Despite what we might hear in soundbytes and in headlines, there really is a lot more common ground among real Americans about what we need to do to move forward for health care in America.”

Speakers before the march included gubernatorial candidate Mike McCabe and State Rep. Jill Billings.