La Crosse man sentenced to 46 months in prison for illegal firearm possession conviction

MADISON (WKBT) — A federal judge sentenced a La Crosse man to 46 months in prison for an illegal firearm possession conviction.

40-year-old Lee Strawder pleaded guilty to the charge in June.

La Crosse Police said they were able to purchase fentanyl and crack cocaine from Strawder through a confidential informant in August of 2021.

At a traffic stop the following month, police arrested Strawder for violations of state bond. Strawder was the passenger. Police say they discovered two loaded handguns under the passenger seat and a small bag of marijuana. Strawder’s DNA was on one of the firearms.

Police also arrested the driver, Curtis Ross, who was later sentenced for illegal possession of a firearm and possession with intent to distribute cocaine. Ross is serving 81 months in prison.

Following Strawder’s sentence, he will serve three years probation.