La Crosse Libraries offering Hoopla streaming service

Library goers in La Crosse now have more choices for movies, books, and music.

The La Crosse libraries just added a Hoopla service for city residents.

Now, they can borrow videos, books, and music with their library membership and an electronic device.

This new streaming service can do something the old one couldn’t.     

“The big thing with Hoopla is it’s concurrent users so that everyone can check out the same thing and be watching it or reading it at the same time, which was huge for us. No more waiting,” said Collection Manager Alan Mask.

The La Crosse Library will allow 10 check-outs per month for city residents. Materials are automatically returned on the date they’re supposed to be.

Keep in mind, if you have an expired card or have more than $10 in overdue fines, you will not be able to log in to use the service.