La Crosse Heroin and Illicit Drug Task Force hosts speaker

Former meth addict talks about effects of drug and strategies to help

La Crosse’s Heroin and Illicit Drug Task Force is continuing its efforts to expand its focus and educate itself about a variety of drugs.

On Thursday the task force hosted a guest speaker to talk about the effects of meth from a recovering addict.

By putting a personal face on meth addiction the task force was hoping to better understand it and how they can help fight the problem. Members of the task force say they’re hoping to expand the support system for those struggling with meth in our area.

“There have been strategies for other substances but there’s not been a lot done in this area at least on meth awareness and education including support and treatment,” said Al Bliss, of the Heroin and Illicit Drug Task Force.

The Heroin and Illicit Drug Task Force is making meth awareness one of its top priorities this year.