La Crosse Health Care System Changes

Health Care System Changes due to COVID-19.

Going in for your doctor’s appointments will look a little different from now on. La Crosse’s healthcare systems are implementing new safety procedures. When you first walk into the doors, expect to be met by a nurse ready to take your temperature, give you a mask, and mark that you’ve been screened for COVID-19 symptoms. You’ll also notice the floors and lobby seating area will look different.

“We’ve removed a lot of the seating in the waiting rooms to help comply with social distancing,” said Kim Dockham, the Nurse Administrator at Mayo Clinic Health System.

To provide a guide for social distancing, there are stickers on the floor reminding patients to stay six feet apart.

“It’s just nice to have those visual cues to say this is where you can stand to be safe,” said Megan Meller, an infection preventionist at Gundersen Health System.

To combat germs livings on surfaces, hospitals maintenance crews are in full force.

“We’ve increased the cleaning in our common areas,” said Meller.

Along with cleaning, staff will be wearing face coverings.

“They’ll see everybody wearing masks, regardless of what their role is here in the clinic and in the hospital,” said Dockham.

Although the changes may seem small, Meller said they make a big difference.