La Crosse guitar shop employees help police nab burglary suspect

The suspects tried to sell a stolen $10,000 vintage guitar

Employees at Dave’s Guitar Shop helped La Crosse Police catch a burglary suspect Tuesday.

Police arrested 25-year-old Mckade Susag at the shop Tuesday morning.

Police believe he is responsible for several break-ins in La Crosse over the weekend.

One of the items stolen was a $10,000 vintage Gibson guitar.

Susag and another person tried to sell the guitar to Dave’s.

Workers at the shop knew the guitar was stolen and stalled before calling police.

One of the men left before police arrived, but Susag was arrested.

More than 10 car and garage break-ins were reported from Thursday night  to Sunday night. 

Police believe Susag is responsible. 

“A lot of times people will go for cars that are not locked. In this case, they were breaking windows for objects they could see in the car and taking those,” said La Crosse Police Officer Lisa Barrix.

Susag is being held on charges of possession of stolen property, entry to locked vehicles, and felony bail jumping.

Police are still looking for the other man believed to be involved.