La Crosse group opposes North-South Corridor study

‘Livable Neighborhoods' wants to explore other alternatives first

A neighborhood advocacy group is voicing opposition to a possible north-south corridor in La Crosse.

‘Livable Neighborhoods’ wants the La Crosse Area Planning Committee to deny support of a study by the state department of transportation to connect I-90 to Highway 14-61. It’s on the committee’s agenda this week.

The citizens say the committee is re-considering a decision it made in March after the DOT wrote a letter asking the 138 million dollars of state money for the project be taken away. ‘Livable Neighborhoods’ says if that’s the case then so be it.

“Not until we exhaust all the alternatives. But we don’t seem to want to exhaust all the alternatives, it’s easier to build a new road,” said Livable Neighborhoods President Charley Weeth.

The La Crosse Area Planning Committee will take up the resolution on Thursday.