La Crosse fourth-graders gifted $10,000 worth of new books

Books to go classroom libraries

Dozens of fourth-grade classroom libraries in the School District of La Crosse will receive new books thanks to the La Crosse Public Library’s “Give-a-Gift” event.

The event funded $10,000 towards the second annual partnership with the School District of La Crosse, the La Crosse Public Education Foundation (LPEF) and the La Crosse Public Library to provide books for elementary school classroom libraries.

“This collaboration further enhances our shared passion to enrich lives through literacy and to foster excitement for learning in our school-age community and beyond,” La Crosse Public Library Director Shanneon Grant. “We’re thrilled to continue supporting the young readers of today and to help them continue growing as lifelong learners.”

To celebrate “Giving Tuesday”, the next collection of classroom library books will be delivered tomorrow, December 3, at 2:30 p.m. to Southern Bluffs Elementary School. Fourth-graders from the school will meet the La Crosse Public Library’s Pop-Up Library van at the school’s entrance to receive the book delivery.

“There are few things more valuable in the educational process than instilling the love of reading in a child,” said School District of La Crosse Supervisor of Academic Programs and Staff Development Rob Tyvoll. “The fact that well-developed classroom libraries are easily accessible, cover a range of reading levels, and are specific to a classroom means that students can always be assured of having these books on hand. They are a powerful resource toward advancing literacy in our young readers.”

The organizations plan to continue the partnership annually. Each year, a different grade level in the School District of La Crosse will be featured until the need for classroom library books is met.

“La Crosse is a community of readers and this is a great opportunity for library patrons to share their joy of reading with youngsters in the La Crosse public schools,” said La Crosse Public Education Executive Director David Stoeffler. “Our thanks to the library for continuing this opportunity to partner with them and the district to bring new books directly into school classrooms.”

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