La Crosse Fire Dept. and first responders train for oil train derailment

Local first responders have a better idea on what to do in case of a train derailment.

The La Crosse Fire Department and other area first responders have been taking part in rail disaster training for the past couple of days.

It focuses on community preparedness, response, and recovery of hazardous materials.   

The training covered how to handle a train derailment and oil spill in the city.

The fire department admits they wouldn’t be able to handle the situation alone, but now knows how to work with other agencies if a disaster does happen.

“We would have guys at least to be able to work with law enforcement to get in a half mile evacuation area started for the the public in that area and the businesses in that area and once that is established we would have to set out tactical priorities to contain the oil has much as we can,” said Asst. Fire Chief Warren Thomas.

Department officials say the next step would be extinguishing any fire and providing aid to any injured or displaced residents.