La Crosse Family Video continues to thrive, as one last U.S. Blockbuster hangs on

There is only one Blockbuster video store left in the U.S. after two Blockbuster stores closed Monday in Alaska.

Thanks to digital streaming services like Netflix and HBO, there is no need to get off the couch.

But there are two Family Video stores in the area that are finding success, proving the good old days of ‘please be kind rewind,’ aren’t entirely over

“We’ve got a bunch of good regular customers that are literally here every single if not every other day,” said Alex Valentine, Assistant Manager of Family Video in La Crosse.

The store is standing strong, as thousands of Blockbuster stores closed their doors over the years.

“Just because we have those things that with evolving technology, they won’t be able to offer such as those personal recommendations and that human interaction between movie lovers.”

Valentine says streaming services don’t always offer the same options.

“We’ve got a lot of really older movies that Netflix and Redbox just don’t offer yet.”

Regular customer Richard Althaus agrees, adding even when it comes to newer releases, he finds better luck at Family Video than he does on some streaming services.

“It was okay but I didn’t think the variety was that great, you know it gets pretty old pretty fast.”

Besides what’s old and what’s new, Valentine thinks the experience keeps people coming back.

“Possibly this nostalgia of being in a movie store and physically holding the discs and the artwork and reading what the movie is about.”