La Crosse family finds a unique way to celebrate Halloween safely

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — COVID-19 adds another layer of concern when it comes to Trick or Treating this Halloween.  However, local residents are finding unique ways to still celebrate Halloween safely. One local family is fogging out the fright!

The Miller family of La Crosse is showing that even though this Halloween may be different, it doesn’t have to be less fun.

“We’re doing a COVID friendly trick or treat,” said Tim Miller.

Many health professionals have suggested alternatives to regular trick or treating.

“If you are interested in handing out candy, or you’re going house to house, you can try putting paper cups full of candy, or premade bags,” said Jodie Diemer, a family medicine doctor at Mayo Clinic Health System.

But the Millers have made their Halloween décor, costumes and night completely COVID themed!

“You go through, and your candy will be cleaned and processed. You’ll get it with no contact. It’s a safer way to do it this year,” said Miller.

Kids will pick out the candy they want, and it will go through an assembly line of cleaning that they can watch from ‘outside the bubble’

It will be lifted to the top of the house, wiped down one more time, and then dropped down a chute into trick or treat bags.

“With all the COVID and everything, it’s a strange year for everybody. We really wanted to do something big and special,” said Miller.

The whole family, dressed in hazmat suits, will be passing out candy from 4 to 9 on Halloween night.

“It brings joy to people,” said Miller.

Miller hopes a positive spin on a scary situation will bring that joy.

The Miller home is located at 1411 15th St. S, La Crosse.