La Crosse family celebrates Packers-Cowboys game after cardiac arrest during last match

The Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys squared off Sunday afternoon, and it was more than just a football game for one La Crosse couple.

The Holzers were able to watch the game from home. It is significant because David Holzer went into cardiac arrest during the last competition between the two teams in January.

Luckily his wife, Jeanne, was able to save his life. After trying to wake him, Jeanne realized there was a medical emergency, called 911, and began performing CPR.

“The La Crosse Fire Department, for saving my life and for the shirt that they gave me cause they had to cut my other one off, they gave me a real nice card here a little while back and this shirt, they are my heroes and I love them. Thank you,” said David.

David’s doctor says he was lucky to have someone nearby to respond to his crisis. He also says it shows how important it is to learn CPR.

“The quicker resuscitation, CPR, is initiated the better the outcome is, the best chance for both neurologic recovery and just overall recovery, and in Mister Holzer’s case he was definitely very, very blessed,” said Gundersen Health System Cardiologist Ward Brown.

First responders also showed up to the Holzer household Sunday afternoon to catch a few minutes of the game with David and Jeanne.