La Crosse Dad gives life-changing gift to his son

Easton Teeples is recovering from a kidney transplant

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- Milestones mean a lot to parents; crawling, talking, walking. A La Crosse toddler hit an even bigger milestone thanks to a gift from his dad. 

When it comes to children, parents hope their kids get the best of them; brains, looks, personality.  The Teeples prayed for something far more important. “He’s a true warrior.”, says Steve Teeples. 

Easton Teeples was nine days old when doctors diagnosed him with congenital nephrotic syndrome. Instead of filtering waste, Easton’s kidneys get rid things his body needs like protein. “It’s like having a bucket with a hole in it. We’ve been putting stuff back in the bucket constantly trying to keep him at a stable place.”, says Marci Teeples.

News 8 Now first introduced you to Easton back in 2019 on Christmas Eve. The La Crosse toddler was too sick to see Santa Claus, so Santa came to La Crosse’s Mayo Clinic Health System to see him. 

Easton has been hospitalized for a third of his life, fighting off infections and other complications. His disease was so severe, he needed a kidney transplant. Doctors believed Easton’s best donor was his dad. “There were tears and joy and laughter and I said I was ready to go. Lets go!”, says Steve.

Steve gave his kidney to his son on April 26th, during donate life month. “Knowing that a piece of me is in him and it’s changing all of our lives; I just can’t put that into words.”, says Steve. Who needs words when you can have hugs and kisses and time with family and friends outside the hospital. 

Steve was released from the hospital Thursday. He will recover at his home in La Crosse. Easton and his mom Marci will have to stay at Mayo in Rochester for least another month.  Family members have set up a GoFund me account to help the Teeples with expenses.