La Crosse County to take part in Wis. Trauma Project

Project aims to lessen effects of childhood trauma

Childhood trauma can have a serious impact on a child’s development.

For that reason La Crosse County started taking part in the Wisconsin Trauma Project.

The project was developed through the Department of Children and Families.

On Friday clinicians, foster parents, and community members gathered to celebrate the first anniversary of the program in La Crosse County. Carrie Finkbiner from the state Department of Children and Families called the program in La Crosse County a success.

“It’s really kind of looking and saying as a system and for parents and kids that have experienced some really challenging events. What can we do as a system to help them feel more psychologically safe, to give them more choices, making sure that they’re heard and that they’re responded to in a compassionate way,” said Finkbiner.

The Wisconsin Trauma Project was started in 2011.