La Crosse County supervisors approve redistricting plan

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — The La Crosse County Supervisory Board increased the number of supervisor districts for the agency from 29 to 30, in accordance with a new redistricting plan.

That resolution stipulates that “the ideal district population for the 30 supervisory districts is 4,052 within the limits of the City of La Crosse and 4,006 outside the limits of the City of La Crosse resulting in 13 supervisory districts in the City of La Crosse and 17 supervisory districts in the remainder of the county.”

The plan will go into effect with elections in April.

The board also convened a public hearing on its 2022 budget and approved its total of $170.8 million. The mill rate per $1,000 of valuation is projected at 3.21, compared with 3.48 this year, continuing a decline in county tax rates since 2017, said County Administrator Steve O’Malley.

The state of Wisconsin has yet to approve its redistricting maps.

Map Final Version

Map shows supervisory districts increase from 29 to 30.