La Crosse County Sheriff’s Office warns of phone shakedown seeking $500 ‘fine’

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — The La Crosse County Sheriff’s Office is alerting people about a scammer or scam artists trying to bilk Coulee Region folks out of 500 bucks.
The would-be swindler claims to be a La Crosse County deputy, according to a warning that office supervisor Teri Serres Walensky posted on the sheriff’s office Facebook page.
The caller tells victims they must pay a $500 fine or bond to an ATM to avoid being arrested, according to Walensky’s warning, which says the office has received several complaints about the rip-off attempt.
“One person so far has fallen for this and we want the public to be aware of the scam,” the Facebook post says.
“The Sheriff’s Office will never call anyone to pay a fine or bond. We will come to you,” Walensky wrote.
Anyone who receives a call from someone who claims to be with the sheriff’s office and feels uneasy about it should tell the caller you plan to hang up and call back.
You can verify the legitimacy of the caller by contacting the sheriff’s non-emergency line at (608) 785-5942.