La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department warns of deer on roads

With decreased temperatures and earlier sunsets comes the danger of deer on roads.

The La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department says this is the time of the year with the most car-deer accidents. Late October through November is breeding season for deer, meaning they are much more active.

Deputies say you should avoid over-reacting as swerving to miss the deer can prove dangerous.

“Slow down as soon as you can. Try not to swerve. Most people that have accidents swerve to miss the deer. They end up going in the ditch, hitting the gravel, and causing an accident,” said La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Brian Buckmaster.

To avoid an accident, deputies recommend you brake hard in a straight line. They say braking gives the deer more time to move and you are more likely to stay on the road even if you hit the deer.

Damages of $1,000 or more should be reported to the County Sheriff’s Department.