La Crosse County seeing record number of overdose cases in 2020

In one Ohio county, 10 people died of overdoses within 26 hours

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – The La Crosse County Medical Examiner is reporting a record number of overdose cases in La Crosse County for 2020.

According to Medical Examiner Tim Candahl, La Crosse County had 22 overdose cases for the entire year of 2019. Candahl reports 12 confirmed overdose deaths with an additional six overdose cases still under investigation, bringing the total for 2020 at 18. The highest number of overdose deaths happened in 2017 with 28.

Out of the 12 confirmed deaths in 2020, test results show fentanyl was present in 10 of the cases. A combination of methamphetamine and fentanyl was present in six of the 12 cases.

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