La Crosse County Republican Party chair says fraud accusations ‘simply wrong’

Bill Feehan remains La Crosse Republican Party Chairman

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — La Crosse County Republican Party chairperson Bill Feehan denied allegations on Monday that he and Wisconsin’s nine other Republican electors committed fraud when they met Dec. 14 and cast ballots for Donald Trump.

The allegations stem from a meeting of the Republican electors Dec. 14, the day that Wisconsin’s Democratic electors met with Gov. Tony Evers to certify the Wisconsin electoral college win, which went to President Joe Biden. While the Democratic electors cast their ballots for Biden — a vote that was certified by the governor –the Republicans voted for Trump.

“At that time several cases were pending in courts. Efforts by a government union to characterize our actions as illegal are simply wrong,” he said in an email, which also included the statement sent out by the Republican Party of Wisconsin Dec. 14, explaining the electors’ actions.

Feehan and the other electors were the subject of a complaint filed with the Wisconsin Elections Commission by the SEIU Wisconsin State Council. The complaint alleges they created fraudulent documents and impersonated the state’s presidential electors.

It goes on to say the fraudulent electors lied about the outcome of the election, signed documents for candidates who lost Wisconsin’s statewide vote, and then mailed those fraudulent documents to Congress and other state and federal officials apparently intending for the state’s electoral votes to be counted for the candidates they preferred.

Feehan says those allegations are false and the meeting of his fellow Republican electors was legal and followed a precedent that dates back to the 1960 presidential election.

“While President Trump’s campaign continues to pursue legal options for Wisconsin, Republican electors met today in accordance with statutory guidelines to preserve our role in the electoral process with the final outcome still pending in the courts,” according to the statement from the Wisconsin GOP released Dec. 14.

The state Republicans say that they had to meet “just in case the Trump campaign’s legal efforts resulted in the campaign’s favor.”

Attorneys for the SEIU state council are also calling for an investigation by the Milwaukee County district attorney to determine whether any crimes were committed including forgery, falsely assuming to act as a public officer, and misconduct in public office, all felonies.