La Crosse County prepared for emergencies at the polls

Plans are in place for all sorts of emergencies

With the confrontational tone some campaign supporters have taken across the nation this election year, some voters may worry about emergency situations at polling places.

Officials say there is an emergency plan for each polling place. The plans include all kinds of emergencies, from fires to health concerns.

There are also emergency plans in place if protesters or other voters become a problem at polling locations.

“If there are people that become obnoxious at the polling locations or disruptive, you know, we have law enforcement that are notified of what’s going on. There’s plans in place of calling the 911 or the local law enforcement to get them in there and help remove people from the polling locations if they are disrupting the voting process,” said la Crosse County Clerk Ginny Dankmeyer.

With these plans in place, the county clerk is hoping this election cycle is a quiet one.