La Crosse County officials provide update at COVID-19 pandemic continues

Face covering encouraged for everyone

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – La Crosse County officials are recommending that everyone cover their face when they are in public.

That recommendation applies for people that work in essential roles like retail or manufacturing.

Health care workers will continue to follow their agency’s rules.

Cotton masks are recommended as they are more effective than other fabrics.

“We’re seeing that there are individuals that can not have symptoms, but also be spreading the virus. Because of that, and because we have seen in other countries that this particular technique can help decrease the number of cases in our nation that we want to take every precaution available to us,” said La Crosse County Health director Jen Rombalski.

After each use the masks should be washed in hot water.

Also despite the warmer weather campgrounds in La Crosse County will remain closed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Rombalski says reducing people coming to campgrounds will reduce risk for everyone that calls our area home.

“Individuals that live in campgrounds often are coming from out of county, so it increasing our population here. In addition, they will need to get groceries and other essential supplies when they’re here, so that would mean more individuals in our stores,” said Rombalski.

The order for campgrounds will be in effect as long as Wisconsin’s ‘Safer at Home’ order is in place.