La Crosse County lowers tax levy with 2018 budget

La Crosse County has its budget set for the next year.

The board of supervisors passed the $161 million spending plan during a meeting Monday night.

Board chair Tara Johnson says the budget reduces the county’s debt load and retains their Aa1 bond rating while also lowering taxes.

Homeowners will see the tax levy rate drop by 14 cents per $100,000 of value in 2018.

Johnson says that change moves the county from the 7th-lowest per capita tax rate in the state to the 6th-lowest.

“We’ve been low, (and) we got even lower,” said Johnson. “It’s not just comparing ourselves to ourselves, but within the whole state of Wisconsin we have moved down.”

The budget also includes $500,000 for the La Crosse Collaborative to End Homelessness and $10,000 to help staff the county fair until a new agriculture agent can be hired.