La Crosse County Landfill to crack down on unsecured trash

Unsecured loads will cost $5

The city of La Crosse will begin enforcing an ordinance requiring residents to secure their trash while bringing it to the dump.

The ordinance has been in place for a few years, but the city is starting to see more litter on roads recently, prompting the enforcement. While the ordinance calls for a tarp to be used county landfill officials say securing your trash in other ways is acceptable.

“The key is look at your load and think about yourself. Do you want to drive behind this load and have something drop off? If your load isn’t secured and you wouldn’t drive behind it, then fix it,” said La Crosse County Landfill System Director Hank Koch.

Landfill officials say unsecured trash causes litter and safety concerns.

First-time visitors to the landfill will not be fined, but will be expected to secure their loads in future visits. Returning to the landfill without a secured load will cost you $5.