La Crosse County Landfill hosts deer hunt

A high deer population at the La Crosse County Landfill has been causing problems for landfill officials trying to plant trees in the area.

To help control the population, the North American Squirrel Association is hosting their first La Crosse County Landfill hunt Saturday.

The hunt is bringing together area hunters and hunters with disabilities, giving them a chance to successfully hunt for deer.

Organizers say it’s tough for those with disabilities to hunt during the regular season, so this hunt will give them a chance to experience hunting.

“For some of them … it’s hard for them to stay warm so regular hunting, deer hunting is too cold for them. Some of the ones today, like I say we got a couple of young kids so they’ve never even, couple of them I don’t believe have ever shot a deer before. So it’ll be like a first time experience for them. So we’re trying to get them interested in the outdoors,” Big Game Coordinator Randy Hansen said.

There will also be another hunt next weekend.