La Crosse County Jail intake list blank for the first time

DA Tim Gruenke: 'I figured it was a joke'

When he saw the La Crosse County Jail intake list was blank Friday morning, District Attorney Tim Gruenke couldn’t believe it.

“I figured it was someone just playing a joke or someone made a mistake or forgot to give us the right list or enter the names on the list or something like that,” Gruenke said.

He double checked and found it wasn’t a joke. There’s usually about ten people who are arrested overnight that have to appear in court the next day.

“I’ve never seen it before as long as I’ve been here,” Gruenk said. “In asking other people, no one can remember a time where there hasn’t been somebody on the jail list.”

La Crosse County Judge Scott Horne said the same thing and even took a picture of the empty list. On bad weather nights, the list can be smaller, but never empty. Thursday night was clear and calm.

Gruenke said it’s possible that there may have been an arrest overnight and the person posted bond right away. There were people at the intake hearing Friday afternoon from earlier incidents. Gruenke said this gave him and other county employees time to work on pending cases.


“We’re thinking maybe the judges and the DAs and police have maybe scared everyone away and everyone’s behaving and everything’s fine, but we’ll see if the pattern holds next week,” Gruenke said. “We’re not holding our breath.”