La Crosse County holds only 2015 Medication Drop Off

Hazardous Materials Facility hopes to battle prescription drug abuse

Coulee region residents had their chance to drop off any unwanted and unused medications Saturday.

The La Crosse County Hazardous Materials Facility held a drug dop off in hopes of battling prescription drug abuse in the area.

With recent rule changes in the collection of controlled substances, this was the only medication drop off planned for the year.

Even though some may want to take a different route in getting rid of their medication, organizers say this is the safest way to do it.

“If you flush them down the toilet, they go directly into the river through the waste water system. The system doesn’t really treat for most of the medications so they go directly to the river.  The big thing is you don’t want to be able to throw them out.  If somebody thinks that you might have something that they want to get, just throwing it out in the garbage, it could potentially become available,” said La Crosse County Special Waste Manager Randy Nedrelo.

If you missed out on Saturday’s collection, medication drop boxes are located at police departments across the Coulee Region open during normal business hours.