La Crosse County Highway Department well-staffed with snow plow drivers ahead of first snowstorm

WEST SALEM, Wis. (WKBT) – Plow drivers will be busy over the next couple of days clearing snow from streets and highways.

While many employers are having problems hiring enough workers, La Crosse County has a full crew of snow plow drivers.

Snow plow drivers are once again getting ready to hit the road — to do their jobs.

“So, they’ll have to do a lot of learning how to drive again in the snow,” La Crosse County plow driver Damian Weiland said.

But Weiland says he’s feeling prepared for the first snowfall.

“This is the same game,” Weiland said. “Just a different day.”

And it appears he won’t have to carry too much of a heavy load because the highway department is well-staffed ahead of the big storm.

“If you miss a call out or something, you don’t feel like it’s going to be the end of the world,” Weiland said.

Pic Snow Plow Drivers

Patrol superintendent Leif Nelson says the county has enough drivers to cover all its routes.

“They take pride in what they do,” Nelson said. “They want to make sure that the roads get taken care of.”

Nelson says none of the drivers are sick or on vacation.

He also says they can earn overtime this time of year.

“So that extra money around Christmas is always a good thing,” Nelson said. “And these guys appreciate that.”

But plow trucks can break down, especially during the first storm.

“It’s always a possibility,” Nelson said.

“Hopefully, we keep that to a minimum,” Weiland said.

Which is why Weiland says he’s getting his truck up to speed for the wintry weather.

“We got to get this one going, and then I’ll be happy,” Weiland said with a laugh.

Highway commissioners from Monroe, Vernon, and Trempealeau counties tell News 8 Now that their highway departments are well-staffed for the first snowfall.

Winona County’s highway commissioner says the department is having some staffing issues with snow plow drivers, but says his staff is manageable.

If a plow truck is on the road, Nelson says be patient and give the drivers enough room to do their job.