La Crosse County Health Department seeking to connect with health care workers to assist in COVID-19 vaccine distribution

Department is opening their effort for employers in the county

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – As the COVID-19 vaccine distribution continues, the La Crosse County Health Department working to connect with health care workers.

Community organizations that have health care workers that do not work for Gundersen or Mayo Clinic Health Systems are asked to contact the Department.

The goal is to create a list of phase 1-A health care workers, so they know when the vaccine is available to them.

“It’s harder to connect with all the people that are working at smaller businesses. Or who might have an independent practice. So that’s why we’re really asking the community to help us identify those people so they can get connected to the vaccine that is available,” said La Crosse County Health Department educator Maggie Smith.

Access to the vaccine for all community members could still take months.

Employers can contact the County on their website.

The County’s form is not open to individuals.