La Crosse County Health announces new process to notify businesses added to Outbreak Page

La Crosse County Page

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) –  The La Crosse County Health Department announced its new process to notify businesses when they are added to the Outbreak and Investigation page.

According to a news release, beginning today, June 29, low or medium risk businesses will not be notified, unless it’s their employee. When a business is identified as having a high-risk exposure(s), the health department will contact them. Businesses with a high risk of exposure will remain on the page until 14 days after the last known positive case. The page will be updated every weekday by 4 p.m. The purpose of this process is to work proactively with businesses to prevent community and worksite exposure to COVID 19.

Jen Rombalski, Health Department Director said, “We want to remind people that this is not a means of blaming or shaming any of those businesses. Many of those businesses on that list have been doing really good practices and have been connecting with us to improve their practices and protect their employees. I want to recognize that there are a few businesses, despite doing everything they can, could still have a case associated with their establishment. No one can completely control all of the factors that come into play with the spread of COVID-19.”