La Crosse County has precautions to help prevent data breaches similar to Adams County

As a data breach affects hundreds of thousands of people in Adams County, local county leaders are working to prevent something similar from happening.

The breach announced last week appears to have been from within the Adams County government, with someone who had access to more than 250,000 people’s information that shouldn’t have had access.

La Crosse County works around those kinds of issues by limiting the hardware and digital access of each county worker to what they need to do their job.

“We also have policies/procedures, and then training. We here know and understand that the human factor is our biggest weakness, so we have to make sure we monitor those as safeguards too,” said La Crosse County IT Director John Parshall.

La Crosse County’s IT Department says many Wisconsin counties exchange data in one way or another, which could open others to similar breaches. Any data La Crosse sends or receives goes through their safeguards first.