La Crosse County gets funding to look at climate change effects

BRACE program

La Crosse County officials are looking at how climate change has affected the area.

They say we now live in a warmer, wetter Wisconsin that sees more precipitation. That weather allows disease-carrying insects to breed and can also lead to damaged infrastructure.

In order to further study the effects possible climate change may have, the county recently received funding from the BRACE — Building Resilience Against Climate Effects — program.

County health educator Al Bliss says the money will help them address the impact of climate change and extreme weather in a number of ways.

“What we’re trying to do is get together with stakeholders and the community to look at how we can prevent some of these economic losses, but also primarily to public health concerns, how it impacts our public health,” said Bliss.

La Crosse is one of four pilot projects across the state to get funding from the BRACE program.