La Crosse County Fire & EMS looking to share services

The La Crosse Area Planning Committee wants to improve response times and reduce costs for Emergency Medical Services.

In order to achieve those goals, the LAPC is considering something called service sharing.

Service sharing would consolidate a variety of resources and staff for the county’s neighboring Fire & EMS departments. By doing this, municipalities can spread costs and secure full-time, professional staff.

But before implementing service sharing in La Crosse County the research organization, Wisconsin Policy Forum, is looking to facilitate a study that will explore how effective this tactic could be for our area.

Wisconsin Policy Forum President, Rob Henken says, “This is a broader study that will seek to identify, ‘What are the options for great sharing, for greater collaboration?’ potentially all the way up to some type of consolidation of services. That would result in better service for citizens here, potentially with greater cost efficiency.”

The study will take 4-5 months to complete and will cost $23,500. That funding will come from the La Crosse Area Planning Committee and La Crosse County.

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