La Crosse County educators will be vaccinated against COVID-19 in March

Onalaska High School will host a clinic on March 5 AND 6

LA CROSSE COUNTY, Wis. (WKBT) — La Crosse County educators will be vaccinated against COVID-19 in March. The La Crosse County Health Department confirmed to News 8 Now that the local clinic will run March 5 and 6.

Educators give an A-plus to the plan for the vaccination clinic, which will be at Onalaska High School for educators only. The step is necessary to fully reopen all schools, La Crosse Education Association President John Havlicek says.

“Getting all our educators vaccinated goes a long way in doing that,” Havlicek says.

The clinic is open to both public and private schools, but there is a chance that not everyone invited will get the shot.  The state has dedicated a supply of vaccine for educators, but the county doesn’t yet know how many doses it will receive, according the county’s COVID-19 public information officer, . 

The West Salem School District isn’t participating because Superintendent Ryan Rieber says he was able to secure an on-site vaccination clinic.

“By the end of the day on March 10th, we’ll have all of our staff who want the vaccination to be vaccinated. That’s a comforting feeling,” Rieber says.

Rieber says his district is fortunate. He recognizes there are people who want the shot but haven’t been able to get it. Rieber believes a fully vaccinated district staff will benefit the entire West Salem community.

“Really, it’s just helping us to ensure the fact, that we can finish the school year with our students on campus. And, we’re so very excited about that,” he says.

Wisconsin educators will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine on Monday, March 1.  Many say they are ready to roll up their sleeves because they are eager to fully return to the classroom and pre-COVID life.

“Normal, regular old school is what we all wan,” Havlicek says.

The West Salem district has already scheduled its second dose clinic for April 1.